*We are a Christian Church and Fellowship Center that Welcomes Everyone…
   1. To FOLLOW Jesus Christ through a growing personal relationship and a wholesome lifestyle (2Pet. 1:2 – 3).
*We will be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ!
*We are Children of the Historical Holiness and Social Justice Movements, (John Wesley, 1703 – 1791, William and Catherine Booth, 1829 – 1912), and the Churches of Christ in Christian Union (1908 to present).

      2. To be FILLED with the sacred power and the perfect love of God, which enables us to serve others with The Fruit and The Gifts of His Holy Spirit (Acts 26:18, I John 4:12, 17, Galatians 5:23, I Corinthians 12 & 14).       

*We will use God’s power and love to nurture every person!

*We are Missional! 
    3. To FIND our purpose in Jesus’ purpose to “seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10), and to saturate them with the truth of Jesus which can set them free (John 8:32).
*We will stay “on mission” by keeping the purpose of Jesus our priority.
*We are Visional!
    4. To FOCUS on multicultural peoples’ need for Jesus and the Family of God. COME. STAY. GROW. GO! (Matthew 28:19&20)
*We will be led by the vision of reaching and teaching the international community.